About us

Bob and Jim’s first opened their doors in the remote coastal town of Esperance in 1973. The shop eventually moved from its original location down near the Dempster homestead, to its current location, changing hands a few times. It is a testament to the community spirit of supporting a local business that 35 years down the track, the granddaughter of the original Jim was eventually able to take the helm again of this family-owned general store.

Anna (Jims granddaughter) had often dreamed about owning a small independent grocer that could feed her culinary desires with quality fresh produce and delicious treats so when the store came on the market (now known as BJ’s) she jumped at the chance to follow her dream and to bring the store back to its family origins – Bob & Jim’s General Store is reborn.

Anna loves good food and creating dishes with ‘hard to find’ ingredients. She loves hunting for unique fine foods  and was determined that this remote location wouldn’t hinder her foodie adventures. With the help of good friends and a great team, Anna has curated an eclectic and  thoughtful range of products. The team from Bob & Jim’s all care for the earth which has translated into innovative changes within the day to day operations of the business to make it greener. 

At Bob & Jim’s General Store they care about their community, the environment, both locally and globally and are proud to support Australian Farmers, small boutique food producers and local artisans.